Escondido Tutorial Service
2634 Bernardo Ave., Escondido, CA, 92029

         Fling Registration

Family name

Individual members participating and their age.  Adult ages may remain undisclosed. :-)  Please also give the shirt size of each current student.  Each current student receives a free T-shirt (Adult S,M,L,XL). 

If you are signing up as a family you need to signup for one of the Fling jobs.
Please see the main fling page for these wonderful opportunities and
put the position you would like in the box below.

Please note: if you sign up with Family registration, you do not pay for each student individually as well.  That is only for students who are coming without their parents.

$200   Family registration
$250   Individual student registration
$20     Potluck buyout (per person)

Registration is due June 1st.  After June 1st, there is a $25 late fee.  After registering, please send your check to:
ETS; 2634 Bernardo Ave.; Escondido, CA, 92029


Emergency Phone

Once you hit the submit button there will be a short pause and then you will be given a confirmation page.  Please print this page
and mail it along with your check to: ETS, 2634 Bernardo Ave., Escondido, CA 92029. 
Please use a separate check for fling registration.